Version 3 released.


Version 3 is now finished. Only one new mission. But some new features and more optimizations done for better framerate. Many people have complained about the minimum hardware configuration. I hope more people will be able to play it now. And another bug fixed. From now on only the latest version will be available. You will not find old versions and updates at the download page. The full and light package remains the same.


I finished 5 new missions. New screenshots added. With some new features and bug fixes it will be released as version 2.


Version 1 released.
Consider this a demo version. Only one mission available.
Beta testing needed.
Please report your framerates together with your PC configuration. So far I have tested the programme only on my PC. It is 2,7 GHz AMD, 512 MB, GeForce4 Ti. On this machine all modes except the insane mode run fast enough to play. To display the framerate switch to any other then info mode and press F. FPS will be shown in info line.


Web pages uploaded to internet. Link added to GOOGLE.

5.11.2003 0:33:46

I have just finished the web design layout and frames programming. First game package is ready for release for a few days now. I'll just have to upload it to the web soon. Let's hope everything will go smoothly, because I'm still confused about this SSH protocol used by SourceForge. Then I still have to write a lot of documentation for the game. It will probably not be available on the web from the beginning. I guess it doesn't matter much, because not many people know about this project yet.

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